Winery Feudo di San Nicola


I belong to a family of wine makes that has been making wine in Verona for four generations. It was my great grand father Terenzio Biscardo who had the idea to label the beautiful nectar that was coming out of our vineyard in Valpolicella, and by doing this he started the Biscardo brand, synonymous of high quality and traditional wines of Verona.

Feudo di San Nicola is the name that I gave to a challenge !
The real name of the property is Feudo di Santa Croce and it is located in Puglia, one of the southernmost region of Italy. Puglia is the heel of the boot !!!

A challenge I said... The challenge of leaving my lovely home town Verona
all the way up north in the Veneto Region between the hills of Romeo and Juliet, and adventure in the south of Italy to grown ancient grape variety and make great wines.

I could not do it myself, so join a dear friend of mine Mr. Andrea Tinazzi owner of the winery Tenuta le Valleselle in Calmasino (a little village in the Verona county) that two years before decided to buy this beautiful property in the Salento area near the town of Taranto.

Puglia is a land of long and great wine tradition, blessed by God that played with the soil and the sea generating an incredible and unique number of micro climate areas, perfectly suitable for vines.

The generosity of the land, the wormer climate and the breath taking coast line made Puglia a very appealing target for all the Mediterranean populations that one after the other conquered this beautiful land. Phoenicians, Greeks, Romans, then Turkish and other Arabic populations invaded this region, bringing their heritage, their history and their traditions. The result is a region of fascinating culture, with an incredible variety of food and wines coming form the most ancient and unknown grape variety such as Primitivo, Negro Amaro, Malvasia Nera, Uva di Troia.

Due to the generosity of soil, for many centuries this region was providing lots of quantity and very average quality, that is why, together with Andrea we decided to bring our northern style of wine making and vineyard managing into this beautiful land and produce high quality and elegant wines.

Feudo di San Nicola Brand was born in 1995 and since then we are investing energy and passion to deliver on each table the unique flavors of Puglia...

Nicola Biscardo